$52,000 curtains for Nikki Haley's office were bought by Obama's State Department, not Trump's

Source: Washington Examiner | September 14, 2018 | Katelyn Caralle

The office of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the $52,000 curtains installed in her New York office last year were bought by the Obama administration, not the Trump administration.

The New York Times wrote about the pricey window treatment on Thursday, and while it appeared to pin the blame on the Trump administration, it said in the middle of the story that the purchase was made a few years back.

A spokesperson for Haley said she had no say in the purchase of the $52,701 customized, mechanized curtains.

The apartment, which is located in a new building just blocks from the delegation offices, is leased by the government, and Haley is the first ambassador to live in it, said Patrick Kennedy, a State Department management official under Obama.

Although the selection and purchase of the curtains were made during the Obama administration, installation took place from March to August of 2017, while Haley was serving as ambassador.

During the installation, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had frozen hiring and proposed cutting the department’s budget by 31 percent.


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