CNN's Tapper: Trump seems unable to fire people to their faces

Source: The Hill | March 13, 2018 | Joe Concha

CNN anchor Jake Tapper took aim at President Trump on Tuesday for reportedly firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson without speaking directly to the former top diplomat.

“The man made famous for telling people you’re fired doesn’t seem to be able to say to it directly to people’s faces,” Tapper said on his show “The Lead.”

Prior to becoming president, Trump had a reality TV series called “The Apprentice.” His signature line as host was “You’re fired,” which he told contestants when they were kicked off the show.

Tapper’s comment comes hours after the former Exxon CEO was ousted by the president via Twitter. In the same tweet, Trump named CIA Director Joe Pompeo as Tillerson’s replacement.

“He would not deny that he once called President Trump his boss a moron,” Tapper said on his show, referring to reports that Tillerson had once used the put-down to describe the president.

“Now months later Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is out and bets are being made on who might be next on the chopping block.”

During his post-firing speech on Tuesday, Tillerson, 65, neither mentioned Trump by name nor thanked him.


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