Cohen: Trump described his campaign as 'the greatest infomercial in political history'

Source: The Hill | February 27, 2019 | Brett Samuels

Michael Cohen testified Wednesday that President Trump had “no desire” to lead the country, but rather sought to build his personal brand with his 2016 presidential campaign.

“Donald Trump is a man who ran for office to make his brand great, not to make our country great,” Cohen told lawmakers on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. “He had no desire or intention to lead this nation, only to market himself and to build his wealth and power.”

“Mr. Trump would often say this campaign was going to be the greatest infomercial in political history,” Cohen said in his opening remarks. “He never expected to win the primary. He never expected to win the general election. The campaign for him was always a marketing opportunity.”

The comments came as part of a lengthy opening statement in which Cohen described Trump as a “racist,” a “conman” and a “cheat” who regularly directed his former personal attorney to lie on his behalf.

Cohen alleged that Trump was engaged in a scheme to pay adult-film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign to keep her quiet about her alleged affair with the president.


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