Deace: Why I Will #NeverTrump

Source: Conservative Review | February 29, 2016 | Steve Deace


For many people in my generation and the one behind me, this is how they define what I stand for: endless wars, growing government for “too big to fail” corporatists but complaining when Democrats do it for the little guy, and doing nothing substantive about preserving the family and ending the abortion holocaust, other than using these things as wedge issues to attack Democrats.

In other words, too many Americans equate conservative evangelical with George W. Bush – for better or for worse.

Now we’re talking about attaching our brand to an unrepentant serial liar and adulterer that has clearly demonstrated during his 70 years on this planet he stands for nothing but himself. Despite the fact some of us, me included, gave him every opportunity at the beginning of this race to prove this time that wasn’t the case.

However, campaigns do not build character but reveal it.

The searing, 24/7 spotlight of today’s media environment allows no one to truly hide who they are anymore, provided enough people choose to be informed and know (see Obama 2008). And as we’ve reached the apex of this primary it’s become abundantly clear that Trump is who his detractors always said he was, and is taking advantage of every negative stereotype the left has of conservatives to excel in this race. Everything he touches becomes corrupted and distorted.

For example, who among his big name endorsements has more credibility now than they did before endorsing Trump? The only person that has benefitted off of Trump’s campaign is Trump and his brigade of boot-lickers.


I’m simply stating why this is the option my conscience has chosen, for when this current cultural self-immolation is over something must emerge for the future untainted by it. Because if a Trump candidacy/presidency turns out the way it looks like it will, there will be a need for a movement capable of rising from the ashes that maintains enough credibility with the culture to save it.

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    If Trump wins the nomination, I will write in Cruz. Period. I will not vote for Trump. There is no difference between him or Hillary.

    As for those Christians who came out in support of Trump, for whatever reason, the fact that they stay with him is more a testament to their loss of character than to his viability as even a decent candidate. Some should’ve repented of their decision by now. There are more than enough reasons evidenced every day. He is becoming more vulgar, more vile, more ridiculous every day!

    Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem

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