Don Lemon says some conservative CNN guests admit they don't believe their own defenses of Trump

Source: Washington Examiner | April 16, 2018 | Mandy Mayfield

CNN host Don Lemon said that conservative guests appearing on his show have “absolutely” admitted that they weren’t being fully truthful while defending President Trump.

On an episode of “The Jamie Weinstein show,” which ran April 11, Weinstein asked Lemon if pro-Trump CNN guests ever admit to not believing what they’re saying.

“I won’t give names, but absolutely,” Lemon replied.


“Yeah, and they’ll say they are speaking for the Trump supporter who doesn’t have a voice,” Lemon said.

The CNN host also said that although the guests may not completely believe what they’re saying, he continued to invite some Trump supporters on the show because it was “hard, and it was harder in the beginning, to find someone in support of Donald Trump to come on the air.”

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