Dow falls more than 1,000 in biggest daily point-drop ever

Source: The Hill | February 5, 2018 | Sylvan Lane

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 1,100 points Monday, breaking its record for largest daily loss by points.

The Dow dropped more than 1,500 points Monday before recovering to close at 24,341, a 1,179-point loss. The plunge broke the Dow’s previous record for the largest daily loss by points, set on Sept. 29, 2008 when the index dropped 777 points.

The Dow’s 4.62 percent loss Monday is still far from the record 22 percent loss set during the 1987 stock market crash.


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  •  Consistent #21427

     EVERYDAY #21430

    So, Little Donnie, when is your launch?


    I gather the tweet is fake. Not even Little Donnie would misspell “Jones.”

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     ConservativeGranny #21432

    He takes credit for everything that he thinks makes him look good whether it had anything to do with him or not. Is he going to take credit for this? I lost over $15000 in my 401K. Makes that few bucks we got back on my husband’s paycheck look like the pittance that it was.

     EVERYDAY #21436

    Ugh! I thought my $7,000 loss was bad. But my adviser says, sit tight and don’t panic. I think we will be all right.

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