Erick Erickson: Obama would have been impeached for Kim summit

Source: The Hill | June 12, 2018 | Max Greenwood

Conservative writer Erick Erickson on Tuesday blasted President Trump for his friendly exchange with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, declaring that Republicans would have likely called for impeachment if former President Obama had done the same.

In an op-ed on his website The Resurgent, Erickson noted that Obama similarly engaged with oppressive and abusive foreign governments, like those of Cuba and Iran.

Erickson slammed Trump’s actions in recent days — sparring with U.S. allies at the Group of Seven summit in Canada before praising Kim in Singapore — as “offensive” and “unacceptable.”

“If Obama had done what Trump just did, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment,” Erickson wrote.

In the piece titled “If Obama Had Done This,” Erickson notes that Trump’s meeting elevates North Korea’s status in the world while Trump comes “home with just a participation trophy.” 

“Having the American President abdicate his leadership of the G7 to flirt with a communist monster is unacceptable,” Erickson wrote. “Diplomacy to get rid of North Korea’s nukes would be great. But that’s not what happened.”

“Instead, we gave the North Koreans a considerable PR win in Asia, gave them credibility in South Korea, and came home with just a participation trophy.”

Erickson pointed to Obama’s deals with Cuba and Iran as similar to Trump’s meeting with Kim saying that Obama should not have done it and Trump should not engage in similar tactics.

“Like with Obama, President Trump should not have engaged in a glad-handing, face time exercise with the North Korean leader where the communist monster gets a propaganda win of North Korean flags at equal display with the American flag,” Erickson wrote.


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