Ex-Playboy model who alleges affair with Trump sues to break silence

Source: the | March 20, 2018 | Rebecca Savransky

A former Playboy model on Tuesday sued the company that owns the National Enquirer so she could break her silence about an alleged affair she claims she had with President Trump.

Karen McDougal is suing American Media Inc., which paid her $150,000 for her story about the alleged affair and then withheld it from publication, The New York Times reports.

McDougal, whose lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that she was misled by American Media Inc. and her lawyer at the time about the deal.

She also said in the lawsuit that she was warned by the media company after the spoke with The New Yorker last month that “any further disclosures would break Karen’s contract” and “cause considerable monetary damages,” according to the Times.

McDougal’s current lawyer, Peter Stris told the newspaper in an email that American Media Inc. carried out a “multifaceted effort to silence” his client.


McDougal and Clifford both claim that they had an affair with Trump in 2006, a year after he married first lady Melania Trump.

McDougal and Clifford have made similar claims about their relationships with the now-president, including interactions at the same Lake Tahoe golf tournament and dates at the same Beverly Hills hotel, among other similarities.

Trump has denied both affairs.

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