Graham warns that Trump's deal with North Korea needs approval from Congress

Source: The Hill | June 12, 2018 | Brett Samuels

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Tuesday said any agreement between the U.S. and North Korea that comes from President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un should come to Congress for approval.

“Not only do I want to see the details, I want to vote on them,” Graham said on NBC’s “Today.”

“So here’s what I would tell President Trump: I stand with you…but anything you negotiate with North Korea will have to come to the Congress for our approval,” he continued. “But I’m hopeful.”

He also signaled some doubt about the details of the denuclearization agreement Trump achieved with Kim. 

“I think he has convinced Kim Jong Un that he’s better off giving up his nuclear weapons than he is keeping them, and that’s the goal,” Graham continued. “And if he has failed to do that then we’re going to have a military conflict.”


After hours of discussions, the two men signed an agreement Tuesday committing the United States to unspecified “security guarantees” in exchange for a denuclearized Korean peninsula. The document did not include specifics on the timeline or nature of denuclearization, however.


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  •  EVERYDAY #24111

    What deal? A big nothing. A lot of half-empty promises and no real commitment to anything.

    Bu what do we expect from a reality tv president? Did we really expect he would negotiate a comprehensive treaty? No. It’s all pretend for Trump.

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