House GOP whip: Entitlement reform, ObamaCare repeal on 2018 agenda

Source: The Hill | January 2, 2018 | Jessie Hellmann

ObamaCare repeal and entitlement reform are at the top of the agenda for House Republicans in 2018, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said Tuesday.

“The next big thing you’re going to see is a need for workers, and I think the next thing we can do is to go and reform those welfare programs that are trapping people in a failed welfare state,” Scalise said on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning.

“Let’s actually put some work requirements in place so that we can get people back to work, rebuild the middle class.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has said recently that Republicans will focus on giving states “more flexibility in Medicaid,” which could involve allowing them to impose work requirements on recipients.

Scalise also indicated House Republicans would turn back to ObamaCare repeal in 2018.

“We’re going to have to work on health care again. I’m for repealing and replacing ObamaCare,” Scalise said.


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