Iran just fired another ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia

Source: Washington Examiner | November 30, 2017 | Tom Rogan

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia successfully intercepted a ballistic missile fired into its territory from Yemen.

This follows a more serious incident earlier this month, in which a Yemen-originated ballistic missile was downed near the Saudi capital, Riyadh. U.S. officials believe Iran was responsible for providing that missile to Houthi rebel formations operating in Yemen.

Because of the Houthis’ reliance on Iranian ballistic missile support, training, and resources, we can confidently assume Iranian responsibility for Thursday’s launch.

It’s a wake-up call.

The Trump administration cannot ignore or neglect Iranian aggression in the Middle East.


Thursday’s missile launch is just one more reminder that the U.S. must redouble its efforts to counter Iranian influence and restrict that nation’s ballistic missile program. If not, what we’re seeing today will likely be replicated with nuclear warheads at some point in the next 10 years. Indeed, Saudi Arabia is already flirting with nuclear proliferation so as to counterbalance Iran’s nuclear program. While the desert kingdom’s crown prince is a reformer who recognizes Saudi Arabia must become freer and less reliant on oil exports, he’s also aggressively minded.

If we do not deter Iran, the Saudis may take it onto themselves to launch an attack.


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