Merkel: EU will retaliate against Trump tariffs

Source: The Hill | June 10, 2018 | Brandon Conradis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a new interview Sunday that the European Union (EU) would follow Canada’s move and forge ahead with its plan to implement counter-measures in response to President Trump’s decision to levy tariffs on the 28-member bloc.

“We won’t allow ourselves be ripped off again and again. We will act too,” Merkel told German broadcaster ARD.

The chancellor also addressed concerns that Trump would hit back by implementing new tariffs on German vehicles, saying, “We will try to see if we can stop this from happening… And then hopefully the EU will respond again in the same unified way.”

Her comments came amid the escalating fallout from a contentious meeting between Trump and other world leaders at the Group of Seven (G-7) Summit in Canada over the weekend.

Trump left the meeting between the world’s leading industrialized countries with a warning to U.S. allies, saying that if they don’t remove trade barriers with the U.S. then they will face consequences. 

Later on Saturday, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said all seven nations had signed a joint communique at the end of the summit, Trump angrily lashed out on Twitter, stating the U.S. would not endorse the statement. 


His comment sparked a new diplomatic spat between Trudeau and the Trump administration and led Merkel to criticize the U.S. president’s handling of the matter. 

“The withdrawal by tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing,” she said.


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  •  EVERYDAY #24067

    This is what having a “tough guy” for president will get us. Trump thinks he can barrel into a room and everyone in it will fall down in worship. He thinks he can insult and bully people into doing his bidding. Well, at G7 he failed. He found out that not everyone is going to worship him or do his bidding.

    As a result of his “tough guy” act, everything will be more expensive, the market will fall (and with it, retirement nest eggs) and the US economy will fall into ruins. I had hoped after 8 years of Obama, we would have a president who would repair the damage to our relations with our allies. Instead, we have a bully who has managed to alienate those allies even further. What are we going to do the next time there is a conflict where we need our allies’ help and they turn their backs on us? I wouldn’t blame them if they did.

    This president has to go, before this country ends up in the toilet. Very nearly there already.

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