Mexico deploys officers to its southern border to block migrants headed for the US

Source: Washington Examiner | October 16, 2018 | Anna Giaritelli

The Mexican government has reinforced security at its southern border with Guatemala before a 2,000-person caravan of Hondurans is expected to try to enter the country and head for the United States, according to a local report.

Hundreds of Mexican Federal Police, including General Commissioner Manelich Castilla, and officers from the National Institute of Migration, the country’s immigration agency, arrived in Tapachula, Chiapas, on Tuesday.

Chiapas is one of two Mexican states that border Guatemala. Federal officials believe the Honduran group will try to enter Mexico from the state’s 200-mile international border, according to La Prensa.

The State Department confirmed to the Washington Examiner Tuesday afternoon that the “large group of migrants is making its way north to Mexico and onwards” to the U.S. border.

“We are concerned that these migrants have been the victims of false promises by those seeking to exploit them,” a State official wrote in an email. “We continue to partner with Central America countries to address the underlying economic, security, and governance conditions that drive illegal immigration to the United States.”

The group left Honduras last week and arrived in Guatemala Monday. It started out as 160 people and has grown to what local police estimate is now 2,000 people, according to an Associated Press report.

Mexico’s Interior Ministry warned Saturday it will only allow those granted visas to cross into the country. Those in the caravan would have had to have applied for visas at the Mexican consulates in Honduras.


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