Mueller alleges that bank executive helped Manafort obtain loans while trying to get Trump campaign role

Source: The Hill | July 6, 2018 | Jacqueline Thomsen

Special counsel Robert Mueller will present evidence that a bank executive allegedly helped former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort obtain more than $6 million in loans while that executive tried to land a position in the Trump campaign.

Prosecutors for Mueller revealed the plans in a filing Friday for Manafort’s trial on fraud charges in Virginia that will begin later this month. According to the filings, a senior executive at “Lender D” — an unnamed bank — approved Manafort’s loan applications.

The executive “sought the defendant’s assistance to obtain a position advising the Trump campaign (which he obtained) and later in the administration of President Trump (which he did not obtain),” the filing reads.

“The government intends to present evidence that although various Lender D employees identified serious issues with the defendant’s loan application, the senior executive at Lender D interceded in the process and approved the loan,” the document states.

The bank executive, who is unnamed in the filing “expressed interest in working on the Trump campaign, told [Manafort] about his interest, and eventually secured a position advising the Trump campaign,” according to the court document.

The executive “expressed an interest in serving in the administration of President Trump, but did not secure such a position,” the filing reads.

The development marks the first sign that Manafort’s role as Trump campaign chairman will be mentioned in this month’s trial.


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