Nikki Haley didn't leave because of financial pressure, spokesperson says

Source: Washington Examiner | October 10, 2018 | Joel Gehrke

Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation was not motivated by financial pressure, according to a spokesperson who contradicted reports that the Haley family has a burdensome debt load.

t had no bearing whatsoever on Ambassador Haley’s decision to leave her position,” a spokesperson for the ambassador to the United Nations told the Washington Examiner.

Haley surprised official Washington Tuesday by announcing that she would step down from her U.N. post at the end of the year, leaving a high-profile position in which she has flourished as a representative for U.S. foreign policy under President Trump. The decision led to a number of theories as to her motivations, including a close review of financial reports suggesting the Haley family carried as much as $1.1 million in debt. But that figure is outdated, the aide said.

“The Haleys’ debt that was disclosed in 2017 is very different from what it is today,” the Haley spokesperson explained. “Earlier this year, they sold a building that had considerable debt on it. Their current debt level is well below $500,000, and it had no bearing whatsoever on Ambassador Haley’s decision to leave her position.”

Haley described the decision as stemming from a need to take a break. “I was governor for six years, and we dealt with the Hurricane, a thousand-year flood, a church shooting, a school shooting,” she said at the White House on Tuesday. “There was a lot. And then, to come in and do two years of Russia and Iran and North Korea — it’s been eight years of intense time, and I’m a believer in term limits.”


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