NSA director says he hasn’t received orders from Trump to disrupt Russian cyberattacks targeting elections

Source: The Hill | February 27, 2018 | Morgan Chalfant

A top U.S. intelligence official told lawmakers on Tuesday that he has not received specific direction from the Trump administration to disrupt Russian cyberattacks targeting U.S. elections.

“I haven’t been granted any additional authorities,” NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers, who also serves as commander of U.S. Cyber Command, told lawmakers on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

While Rogers said he has not asked for additional authorities to stop Russian cyberattacks at the source, he noted that it would ultimately be up to President Trump to give him that permission.

“I need a policy decision that indicates there is specific direction to do that,” Rogers said. “The president ultimately would make this decision in accordance with a recommendation from the secretary of Defense.”

Rogers did say he has directed the cyber mission force to “begin some specific work” on the issue, but would not go into further detail on the steps in the unclassified setting.


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