Obama admin discussed how much of Russia meddling investigation to share with incoming Trump team

Source: CNN | February 12, 2018 | Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb and Marshall Cohen

(CNN) – President Barack Obama met in January 2017 with then-FBI Director James Comey and other top national security officials to discuss sharing information related to Russia with the incoming Trump administration, where Obama stated that the Trump-Russia investigation should be handled “by the book,” according to an email made public Monday and a source familiar with the matter.

The previously undisclosed meeting was memorialized in an email written by then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. A person familiar with the January 5, 2017, meeting said the Obama administration wanted to know whether the FBI and others in the intelligence community believed there was a national security reason to limit conversations with the Trump transition about Russia because some on the incoming President’s team could be compromised.

The email was disclosed by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham, who sent a letter Monday to Rice asking why she had sent the email to herself on the day of Trump’s inauguration about an Oval Office meeting on Russian election interference. The meeting included Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Comey and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.


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