Palestinians launch 400 rockets at Jews, and suddenly media is done talking about anti-Semitism

Source: Washington Examiner | November 13, 2018 | Philip Klein

Over the course of 24 hours, Palestinian terrorist groups led by Hamas and Islamic Jihad have launched a record 400 rockets from Gaza aimed at Jews living in southern Israel and yet the media, so eager to talk about anti-Semitism when they feel it can be weaponized against President Trump, have been silent.

Oh, I know. We’re supposed to believe that it’s okay when groups who want to exterminate Jews fire rockets at Jews who happen to be Israeli because it’s merely anti-colonialist sentiment and an expression of an oppressed people’s desperate struggle for statehood and dignity. This view is complete nonsense that is at odds with the historical record, which shows that resistance to Israel has been inextricably linked to anti-Semitism.

The 1988 charter of Hamas, which controls Gaza, is rife with conspiratorial descriptions of Jews and eliminationist rhetoric toward them. It is not about establishing a free Palestinian state that lives alongside a Jewish state, but about wiping out the Jews and taking over all the land.


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