Parents Lose Their Child By Court Order Because of Transgenderism

Source: The Resurgent | February 19, 2018 | Erick Erickson

The parents refuse to embrace their daughter’s mental illness as normal so they will lose custody.

Parents in Hamilton County, OH have lost their daughter. A judge has ruled that the grandparents must take custody of the girl because she wants to be a boy and the parents are not willing to embrace her mental illness as normal. Since they have refused to go along with it, the cannot be parents.


Time and time again, when conservative say these things are coming, the left denies it. Then it happens. We have been saying for a while that parents would start losing their children through court order if they parents do not embrace the leftwing culture war. And now it is happening.

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  •  Woodcutter #21749

    Wow! And in Ohio, no less…

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