Pompeo, Haley announce US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

Source: Washington Examiner | June 19, 2018 | Joel Gehrke

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, flanked by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, announced the U.S.’ withdrawal from the U.N. Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

“This step is not a retreat from human rights commitments,” Haley said at the State Department. “On the contrary, we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights.”

Pompeo and Haley, the two most visible faces of American diplomacy, argued that the council has been corrupted by dictatorial regimes. Council members blocked investigations into their home countries, Haley argued, while maintaining a pronounced bias against Israel.


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    Fine. Now let’s get the US out of the UN totally. And boot the entire organization from American soil.

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