Russia agrees with Trump: US is to blame for worse-than-ever relations

Source: Washington Examiner | July 16, 2018 | Katelyn Caralle

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted Monday that it agrees with President Trump’s claim that “U.S. foolishness” is to blame for worsening relations between the U.S. and Russia.

Trump said in an early Monday morning tweet that due to American “foolishness,” “stupidity,” and the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion, U.S.-Russia relations have never been worse, and Russia agreed.


The presidents on Monday are engaging in their first bilateral meeting in Helsinki. Trump has said he will talk to Putin about election meddling during the summit.

The meeting between the two world leaders kicked off Monday afternoon after Putin showed up an hour late for the scheduled meeting time.


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    Trump is acting and sounding more and more like Obama every day. Obama blamed everything wrong in the world on the US and now this clown is doing the same. It’s an insult to every American,, particularly those in the intelligence community and those who fought the Cold War. But of course, Trump supporters are not smart enough to see what’s wrong with that statement. As always, they agree with Dear Leader.

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