The Bully David Hogg is the Number One Ally of the Bully Donald Trump

Source: The Resurgent | April 2, 2018 | Erick Erickson

The more David Hogg keeps up his aggressive antagonism and smearing of opponents, the more people will go to Trump.

David Hogg and Donald Trump are made for each other. Hogg, like Trump, uses his Twitter feed to attack, badger, and bully those with whom he has disagreements. And Hogg is doing something else too. He is near single handedly boosting the President’s favorability to 50%. Now, the poll that shows a 50% approval rating is Rasmussen. Despite its flaws, though, Rasmussen tends to capture trajectories okay if not actually correct percentages.

And who can blame people for running to the President? Hogg is out trying to shut down opposing voices and dissent. He’s refusing to accept apologies, just like Trump, and is using his personal bully pulpit to organize boycotts of any business that does now bow to his demands.

The left keeps harping on Trump as a fascist and people on the right are watching Hogg, CNN, Bloomberg, etc. target businesses and impose an editorial view on businesses that, if they don’t keep, will be targeted for harassment. There’s your fascism. Banks are being targeted or doing business with gun manufacturers. Colleges are being targeted for not admitting David Hogg. Businesses are being targeted for advertising with Laura Ingraham.


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