Trump again labels himself a ‘very stable genius’

Source: The Hill | July 12, 2018 | Morgan Gstalter

President Trump called himself a “very stable genius” again on Thursday while discussing his social media habits after the NATO summit in Brussels.

Trump was asked during a press conference if he will take to his Twitter page while boarding Air Force One and send out his own comments after meeting with international leaders.

“No, that’s other people that do that,” Trump said. “I don’t. I’m very consistent.”

“I’m a very stable genius,” the president added.



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    Tom Nichols should know that the brainwashed and brain dead Trump supporters really aren’t the least bit concerned. In fact, they now view Trump as a god.

    Sad how supposedly intelligent, often well educated people can be totally bamboozled by this lying, mentally disturbed, snake oil salesman.

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