Trump dismisses concerns about Russia: 'Putin's fine'

Source: The Hill | July 5, 2018 | Max Greenwood

President Trump on Thursday waved off concerns about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions as he prepares to meet with his Russian counterpart in Finland later this month.

Speaking at a campaign-style rally in Montana, Trump attacked critics who have questioned his preparedness for the July 16 summit with Putin and made light of Putin’s past as a top-ranking intelligence official.

“They’re going ‘Will President Trump be prepared, you know, President Putin is KGB and this and that,’” Trump said. “You know what? Putin’s fine. He’s fine. We’re all fine. We’re people. Will I be prepared? Totally prepared. I’ve been preparing for this stuff my whole life.”

In fact, Putin served for years in the KGB, the now-defunct Soviet intelligence agency, before becoming the director of its successor, the FSB. 

Trump has long insisted that he wants to improve U.S. relations with Russia – a task that has been complicated by the U.S. intelligence community’s determination that Moscow sought to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. 


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  •  Consistent #24399

     EVERYDAY #24402

    Trump embraces dictators. Besides, Putin probably holds the loan or loans the Russian banks made to Trump. Trump has to make nice to Putin.

     ConservativeGranny #24403

    Anyone who thinks Putin “is fine” either is afraid of him or a lunatic. Maybe both in Trump’s case. It couldn’t be more obvious that Trump is dancing to Putin pulling the strings. And like fools, the GOP in Congress goes along with it even though it puts us all in peril. Not an honest man/woman in the entire bunch.

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