Trump: I won't accept the blame if Dems retake House

Source: The Hill | October 16, 2018 | Justin Wise

President Trump said Tuesday that he wouldn’t accept the blame if Democrats earned a majority in the House after the November midterm elections.

Trump told The Associated Press in a wide-ranging interview that he believes he’s been helping Republican candidates’ efforts as the general election nears. 

“I don’t believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact,” he said, adding that he thinks the GOP is “going to do well” this November.

The AP noted that Trump resisted comparisons to former President Obama, who after witnessing his party see major losses during his first midterm as president in 2010 acknowledged that his party got “shellacked.”

Trump’s comments come three weeks before an election that many Republicans expect will result in losses for their party in the House, where Democrats need to net 23 seats to retake the majority. Republicans are looking to defend a slim majority in the Senate.



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  •  EVERYDAY #26086

    Sorry, Donnie, but if either or both houses fall to the Democrats, it will be your fault as well as the fault of every other lying, lazy, corrupt Republican in power in DC. A Republican presidency plus Republican majorities in both houses of congress should have ensured that more of the promises they all made to the voters would be fulfilled. That those promises have not been kept tells me that none of them, including Donnie, had any intention of doing what they said they would do.

    Presumably, Donnie and Republicans in both houses of congress wanted the same things and made the same or similar promises. So why didn’t Donnie work with both houses of congress to get things done? Instead from the start of his presidency, he took an adversarial tone with congressional Republicans. What happened to the great business leader, the great Art of the Deal negotiator? Why has he not worked with congress to get what all of them said they wanted?

    If the Republicans retain majorities in both houses, they should thank the Democrats who attempted to destroy Justice Kavanaugh with lies and unsubstantiated claims. My guess is that voters who vote Republican in November will do so because they were not pleased with and maybe even frightened by the actions of the Democrats during the confirmation process. It surely won’t be because the Republicans kept their promises.

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