US Embassy in Haiti requests more Marines, security personnel amid violence

Source: The Hill | July 10, 2018 | John Bowden

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti has requested additional security personnel including Marines as the Haitian capital has been gripped by days of protests over a government plan to raise fuel prices and cut food subsidies, according to multiple reports.

A request made by the embassy includes a Marine Security Guard Augmentation Unit consisting of about 13 Marines and other personnel to reinforce existing embassy security, CNN reported Tuesday.

The request has been approved by Trump administration officials, the network added.

Staff at the embassy have been instructed to shelter in place by State Department officials, and a travel advisory urging U.S. citizens to stay away from the airport unless absolutely necessary was issued Tuesday afternoon.


According to NBC News, volunteer groups from South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Alabama are stuck in the country while a doctor from North Carolina reported to his family that he and his son arrived at the airport and were told they were unable to leave.

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    Years ago, I met a native of Haiti. He told me that Haiti is a cesspool of poverty and crime. He also told me that white people are particularly in danger as they are considered “rich,” by Haitian standards.. God bless missionaries and embassy personnel, but this is one country no one who values safety should even come near.

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