Vanity Fair: Trump regularly calls Fox News hosts to discuss TV segments

Source: The Hill | January 12, 2018 | John Bowden

President Trump regularly phones Fox News hosts to critique their news coverage and discuss segments of their shows, according to a Vanity Fair report.

The magazine reports that Trump often watches the network’s programming and calls the hosts afterward to discuss segments he did or did not like.

“What he usually does is he’ll call after a show and say, ‘I really enjoyed that,’” a former Fox anchor told writer Gabriel Sherman. “The highest compliment is, ‘I really learned something.’ Then you know he got a new policy idea.”


Other staffers reportedly worry about Trump’s fondness for the network and his tendency to direct his Twitter followers to watch segments on Fox shows.

“It’s freaky to see him tweeting at ‘Fox & Friends,’” a Fox News staff member told Variety. “That doesn’t help us. We’re not state television.”


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