Whistleblower: Cambridge Analytica met with Lewandowski before Trump campaign launch

Source: The Hill | March 19, 2018 | Brett Samuels

A former Cambridge Analytica employee said Monday that the data firm met with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in 2015, before President Trump declared his candidacy.

Christopher Wylie, a self-described whistleblower on the company’s data harvesting practices, told NBC’s “Today” show that he left Cambridge Analytica before it formally teamed up with the Trump campaign.

However, he said the company had been in talks with the campaign before Trump announced his candidacy, including a 2015 meeting with Lewandowski.

Cambridge Analytica was suspended from Facebook on Friday after reports it had not fully deleted data it obtained from Cambridge University professor Aleksandr Kogan.


Wylie claimed Sunday that he was suspended from Facebook for shedding light on the practices.

Asked Monday if he had any political motivation to speak about Cambridge Analytica’s practices, Wylie said he thinks the issue should not be politicized.

“I think what’s really important for people to understand is that this company misappropriated data from upwards of 50 million people from Facebook,” he said.

“We need to step back for a second and depoliticize this because this is about the safety of Americans and the integrity of the American democratic process,” he added.

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