slhancock1948 #1027

Every time I see this I am just left speechless! Obviously this is where Palin gets all her news from…DT’s tweets, so that shows us how shallow she really is. She has left conservatism for the pull of worldly celebrity status. But Trump? Surely he cannot have such a short memory or expect US to have such that we are going to let him get away with his crassness, his outright lying and his non-policy answers. He gives nothing but generalizations. Just “Trust me.” Yeah right! Remember that Obama won the debates handily and that did not give us a great president. We put WAY TOO MUCH significance on these debates. So, a person can debate well. SO what? That doesn’t really mean a thing. It’s what they are known to stand for and can be relied upon to do. THAT is what really counts. There is only one candidate that we CAN count on.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem