Victoria #1160

To Silver Pines and All:

Trump is nuts today, continuing to dump on Cruz.

I am writing the following that is off topic of this thread, because this is a current thread members may read. By the way, how do we ping a person to a thread or can we not do that?

This is about the death of Scalia. A man named John Poindexter is a Texas wealthy Democrat and a friend of Obama, pictures of the two together are on the web now. Democrat Poindexter owns the ranch where the judge died.

I know a pilot who has landed several times at the airfield on the Poindexter ranch. This airfield is not on any chart of airfields. To land there, a pilot has to know a code in order for the field to show up so the pilot can land. This pilot was given the code in order to bring people to that ranch. This pilot gave us a description of the place as he had to stay there overnight during those times. He says it is opulent in every way, the finest accommodation, finest food, finest everything.

My significant other has been invited to that ranch but didn’t go as he felt it would make him beholden to the company that invited him there – they might want business favors from him later and he didn’t want that possibility to happen.

A question is, why would a supreme court judge go to a private ranch of a wealthy Democrat? It seems to me that would make the judge beholden to that Democrat.