Consistent #1173

The original tweets have since been deleted. You can check the trail of the sequence from Jake Tapper’s article below.

A Forensic Examination into a False Quote Circulated by a Presidential Candidate About a Rival Candidate

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump tweeted at 2:28 pm ET today:

Trump: Unreal! Highly respected Senator Tom Coburn- said this about Cruz:

What was the quote? Trump provided a link to a tweet stating the following:

Dan Scavino: “He is, without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in DC.” @TomCoburn on Ted Cruz

It should be noted: that 12:21 pm ET tweet is from Dan Scavino, the Trump campaign’s director of social media.

Here’s where it gets shaky. Scavino provided a link to THIS story on a liberal website “ForwardProgressives” from October 18, 2015.