slhancock1948 #1262

I emailed Rush about this the other day, in regards to Bush not keeping us safe stuff, surely someone besides myself recalls the testimony of Jamie Gorelick about he wall between the CIA and FBI that was put up by Clinton to prevent sharing (and probably profiling) terrorists. At the time, this was talked about a lot. Trump acts like W. knew that it was coming and ignored the warnings. They probably heard “chatter” about things, but without being able to work together to confirm and run down the intel…

And, as for support for the ensuing war, the democrats, to include Kerry and Clinton were ALL IN for going to war and were spouting that there were WMDs. Of course, we later learned there really were, most of which were sent over to Syria, but they did find tons of mustard powder and other WMDS in Iraq, without getting much news coverage.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem