silver pines #1382

To the title: Amen and amen.

I am stunned every day that there are fools who actually want DONALD TRUMP instead of Ted Cruz.

And to any Freepers who might be lurking, that’s right, I said fools. Don’t give me any of that “we win, they lose” garbage, because garbage is all it is. It operates on the fallacy that Cruz and Trump are ANYWHERE NEAR similar instead of being 180 degrees apart from one another.

They are not interchangeable. One is not as good as the other.

After all this time, we finally have a solid Christian Constitutional conservative to vote for. I hear he’s the best since Reagan, but it’s my personal opinion that he might eclipse Reagan, who was a very intelligent man, but not off-the-charts brilliant like Cruz (and who is?).

If you toss this man aside for Donald Trump, you are no better than an Obamabot. No, I take it back…you’re worse. Because you know better. And you’re dooming the country we all share just so you can indulge your rage and your emotions.

Wake up.