Victoria #1412

To all of you, I also think God is letting the people choose what they want. The majority of the people have turned from God and they are choosing Trump. That is hard for us to understand as we see the man for what he is – a man of “nothing”. They are choosing “nothing” for their future. Lawlessness and immorality abound now and that will multiply exposentially with nothing Trump in charge.

Trump doesn’t know what he said the day before. He is for and against on absoutely everything from day to the next day. He has a Bible but doesn’t know what is in it. He doesn’t make a choice between the killer Palestinians and Israel.

Trump is repulsive in his speech and manner. He loves no one but himself. Does he love America? Only because it gives him what he wants.

As I said, I hope he finally does/says something the American people cannot abide and they stop voting for him.