slhancock1948 #1450

The monies will all come from higher taxes. And his touchback amnesty, where will the money come from to “fly them home, they touch the ground and return right away”? Is he using his Trump 757? Of course not! This sounds wonderful, but it is ludicrous! It sounds compassionate….but haven’t we heard that before…the compassionate conservative (GWB)?

We’ll have a larger government than ever before. We’ll have more unsustainable debt. And from the mouth of Trump, himself, “we’ll do it, we’ll get it done, it’ll be fun…..” Can’t wait….right? Does he think we’re crazy? Obviously he think enough people ARE. But his numbers against Bernie or Hillary do not stack up for a win.

I pray that he opens that trap of his a couple more times and lets out enough whoppers that any conservatives STILL voting for him have to back out publicly…and I’m saying Phyllis Schafly here, along with any evangelicals. I think Palin is past being turned. She has turned her back on conservatism altogether. That is what I see. She can still use the little meaningless cliches if she wants but they serve no point at this time.

I think it’s time we all decided to do the right thing here and if Trump wins, we write in Cruz.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem