Victoria #1482

“Trump has known all along that he cannot defeat Cruz based upon policy discussions or principles, so his only recourse has been to attack his character.”

I saw this from the beginning of Trump’s rants when he began to attack Cruz. During the first debates, when Cruz spoke, Trump would look at him as though he was thinking, “I wish I knew that.” Then, he had to try to take Cruz down any way he could. Trump has no truth in him; he is an empty vessel with no basic belief in anything except himself so he spews words and the next day denies what he said. HIs personal attacks on Cruz are full of lies and he does not care and no one calls him out no matter what he says.

Trump and Rubio, at the same time, started calling Cruz a liar over and over and it was disgusting to hear as none of it was true. They are despicable and I do not want either of them in government, period.