slhancock1948 #1609

It is frustrating, and I have to admit it makes me angry, to see fellow republican do to Ted Cruz what has been done. I understand the machinations of this stuff. It is ugly, it is immoral. They ALL should be called out for their raunchy behavior, but when even Phyllis Schafly doesn’t call out Trump for this nonsense, after she backed him, I’d say that it shows that conservatism is dying. I am shocked that she says nothing. I am angry that she says nothing. This is outrageous.

Sarah Palin? I can’t stand her any more! What a HUGE disappointment she has become! Her opinion no longer matters!

But, in the end, I have to let the anger go, and I have to do like Cruz said. We put on the whole armor of God and we stand. STAND! Tears, running down my cheeks, but I stand! I pray on the way to work in the mornings now, since it is obvious Steven K Bannon (Breitbart news on Sirius) is in for Trump, and I listen to mark Levin on the way home…who has come out so much for Ted that you’d think he has already endorsed him.

I am not giving up, but my spirit is grieved for Cruz. They are making it almost impossible for him to recover…but I know that when it looks the worst, that is often when God comes through. That is what I’m praying for. Cruz has been going through a lot of testing. It cannot be for nothing, or be in vain. So I continue to trust that God will vindicate him.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem