Victoria #1713

Silver Pines, and all, my son is a documentary film director and when in Rice Univeristy, Houston, he made a film about the KKK. He traveled with Louis Beam, the KKK Grand Dragon of Houston, and his KKK group, filming all the time. They went to Louisiana and were with David Duke and his group in a parade. White supremacy is in Duke’s blood just as it was in Louis Beam’s blood. They will never change.

I think because Trump says throw out the illegals, is why Duke thinks Trump is on their side. White people of European descent are the only acceptable people to the KKK. Grand Dragon Louis Beam thought my son was fantastic as son is blond, blue eyed, of English descent. Beam would not have allowed him to make that film had he not been of acceptable descent.

After son made that film and it was shown by PBS in Houston, a bomb was placed in our mail box at our house. The postal department came with a special truck and the bomb was removed by a special device and taken away. The postal deparment called me to try to determine why it was placed in our mail box. I told him about the film being shown and he thought the KKK put it there. I called my son and he called Louis Beam and Beam told him they thought the film was great so they wouldn’t put it there. Beam said if I wanted them to, they would surround my house to guard it. It so happened my husband was leaving that day on a business trip, and I told son I would go across town and stay with friends, which I did.

I didn’t want the KKK guarding my house as I felt they would “eliminate” anyone coming close to my house. I didn’t want a war to start. Nothing else happened and we never knew who put the bomb there.