slhancock1948 #1720

Wonder why I have not had a TV for almost 40 years? This is it. It is agenda-driven propaganda. We didn’t raise our kids on it, and they are not raising theirs on it, either. One son has a TV but the kids watch children’s videos. They don’t have cable or anything to get any channels. I am so glad. They did for a while because the wife was used to it, but they couldn’t really afford it, so they quit it, sold the TV and when the kids came along, bought one for the videos.

When we lived in AR, my husband had gotten out of the military after his 4 years, during the Vietnam war era, & we lived on the college campus. Because the school had a school for broadcasting, the live stream (raw) UPI & AP news came through if you had your radio on a certain frequency. It was shocking to see what they’d done with that by the evening news. That was it for us. We realized that the real agenda was to keep the American people in the dark about what was going on and to manipulate the news so we’d get what they wanted us to believe. That was back in 1974-78. The invention of the internet has changed the narrative a lot in what people are willing to believe now, although the government is still doing a pretty good job of producing ignorant sheep! And some lemmings!

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem