slhancock1948 #1791

We are living in times that I have not seen the like in my 67 years. I know every generation has its eras, its times of difficulty, but this time around, I think that we are truly witnessing the End of Time as predicted in Scripture. Israel has been back in the country for 67 years…yeah, I was born in ’48. Israel has had Jerusalem since 1967. The ME has been in a frantic mood since to get Jerusalem back because they know that in Scripture, it states that Israel has to have Jerusalem before Christ returns. They are trying political or whatever means to get Jerusalem. We know that it will be parceled out, but still basically under Israel’s control when Antichrist signs a peace treaty to protect Israel as it is parceled out. Under the current situation, we could see this happen any year now. We see all the Biblical players now moving into place. This particular period of time will not get better now, but the world will descend into chaos so that when the Antichrist comes on the scene, he will look like a miracle worker, seem to get the political and economical world order back into place, to a good extent.

I pray that Cruz wins, and America is given a reprieve from the judgment we’ve been under for the past couple decades. It would not prevent judgment, but possibly bring a “stay of God’s hand” for a period of time. However, I do not see revival or spiritual renewal coming. Instead, I see churches falling farther away, becoming irrelevant. The message of the Gospel is not reaching people any longer because we have the state to provide all our needs and people don’t need to trust God. Until the state can no longer afford to provide needs, and there is utter chaos, America is NOT going to turn back to God. Even then, it will not be as a nation. As a nation we’ll thrust our fist in God’s face, blaspheming Him for the judgment instead of repenting of our sins.

It is amazing that we have such a man like Cruz, and to be honest, even evangelicals are not taking heed. So many are listening to FOX, who hates him and regale everything Rubio or Trump does and repeats every lie out of their mouths, and even when they do interview him, the questions are caustic and they do not let him finish a sentence. Evangelicals are going to have to answer to God why they refused to support Cruz. And for why they’d support such an ungodly man as Trump.

So, again, I pray for God to bring Cruz through to victory, and we can see some even small changes take place, but as Christians we must forever understand that the world is headed for chaos and we need to prepare. Cruz will be no savior, as we already have one. He will be a godly leader and do the right things, but that does not mean that our country will see him like they did Ronald Reagan…times have changed. We are NOT the people we were in 1980/1984. We were more civilized then, better educated. Now we are self-centered narcissists and greedy. I believe Cruz is America’s last hope for any kind of sanity. The telling thing about this is to see the change in the Christian culture, who is not rushing to embrace him.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem