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Cruz Calls on Donald Trump to Authorize the Release of New York Times Immigration Tape

HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz campaign released the following statement responding to reports that the New York Times has a secret tape of Trump suggesting he would not follow through on immigration comments he has made on the campaign trail, and is only saying them for “strategic purposes.” This comes on the heels of Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, continuing a disturbing pattern.

“The possibility that Trump doesn’t believe a word he says, especially on critical issues like immigration and the border, is troubling,” said Alice Stewart, Cruz Communications Director. “His entire campaign is centered on expanding and enforcing our immigration laws, and now we find out it’s possible he doesn’t mean a word of it and is just using it for ‘strategic purposes.’ Trump should demand the New York Times release the tapes tonight before Republican voters go to the polls tomorrow.

“If he doesn’t, voters have to ask themselves, ‘what is Donald Trump hiding?’ It’s a disturbing pattern. He won’t release his tax returns. He won’t confirm or deny he’s donated to extreme left-wing organizations like Planned Parenthood. When he gets caught taking a different position, he lies. What’s he hiding? Trump should immediately come clean with the voters about who he is, what he’s done, what he really believes, and what’s on those tapes.”