Victoria #2068

Friends, I have a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and psychological testing. I have tested several thousands of people and I know how to evaluate human behavior I observe. {That is why I can tell you Silver Pines is nuts. :o) } I have never observed any patient with the behavior of Trump. I believe he would knock the top out of many psychological tests. In his early teens, he was sent to a military school to try to improve his behavior because he physically attacked a music teacher. He said the music teacher didn’t know much about music. He did not say he was sorry he did that. I do not think he has ever said he was sorry about any of his behavior.

His first wife said in court he had a surgeon cut his scalp to bring two pieces of scalp with hair together. He was really hurting at home after that and he grabbed her hair and pulled it out so she would hurt, too. She ran upstairs and locked the door. The next morning she went downstairs and there was the gobs of her hair on the bed. We don’t hear from the two divorced wives and I would bet they dare not say anything about him as he would retaliate in a severe way. It appears he never lets go of anyone who crosses him.