slhancock1948 #2210

Let’s pray that Rubio’s internals look so bad that he actively talks about dropping out if he fails to win because THEN that would probably put Cruz in a very good position. Any hint of surrender would create a lot of doubt. I’m praying that Rubio says or does something himself and then people will get the message…even if it was unintended. I mean, really, people in FL ought, by now, to realize that Rubio would still be behind the field if he won FL. He is not winning where it counts anywhere else.

Praying that a lot of excitement follows Ted at every rally, and that Rubio people turn to him in huge numbers. After all, Rubio lied to them in his position on immigration, amnesty & trade. It’s time his own state called him out for it.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem