Victoria #2324

Oh, I am so happy and not because of Cruz, although I hope he wins big today. I have a Chromebook computer which is light as a feather, doubt if it weighs a pound (got it to travel with) and easy to hold on my lap to read and write as I am doing now. My regular computer is heavy and it is on a board to keep my clothes from messing up the air flow when it is on my lap but the board makes it even heavier.

The problem was, I didn’t have spell check on this little biddy Chromebook. Well, I did, but it was hidden in a bunch of files and I didn’t know it was there. I was going to download a spell check and when I put spell check for Chromebook in search, up popped directions to find the spell check hidden in those files. I found it, clicked for it to operate and now I won’t have misspelled words when I write on Conservative Circle. That was driving me nuts not to have spell check. Now, when I type, say, “lalskgh” there is a red line under it to tell me something is wrong with that.

I hope today is good for Cruz. I’m watching CNN as they are better than Fox reporting election results.