slhancock1948 #2429

I know what you’re saying and you are right! Andrew Breitbart said to watch out for Trump…and not to support him, but to work against him. He must be turning in his grave!

You know, my husband wrote Steven K. Bannon from the very first , when they got this spot on Sirius XM and asked…how long will it take for Breitbart to start compromising from Andrew’s ideology and goals? He told them that many of the current so-called conservative sites start off well, and after about 5-10 years they are so far to the center that some are indistinguishable as conservative any longer. It seems they have run right to it.

I think I might just write my own letter, asking how they justify supporting Trump when Andrew was VERY SPECIFIC about making sure he did not win! It was on youtube. If it still is, then I think everybody should send a copy of it to Breitbart and ask what gives.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem