slhancock1948 #2447

Ben Carson did not act like a Christian in regards to Cruz. Cruz, the ONLY one of the campaigns to apologize for using the information HIS OWN TEAM put out stupidly, was blamed…because he apologized!

Ted apologized publicly several times, but Carson refused….oh he said he forgave, but one who cannot leave it at that has not forgiven. When Ted asked to meet, he refused for a couple weeks then it went poorly. Ben Carson has that on himself. He wanted to look like the injured party to get seem support, but it didn’t work. Cruz was the injured party…by the Trump, Rubio and Carson people.

Ben Carson is not the Christian he pretends to be. Look, I lived in a 7th Day Adventist community and they are very nice people. Most I knew I’d consider true believers, but some were clearly not trusting Jesus, but good works. I think Ben cannot let this go because Cruz has not done penance in his mind. He wanted Cruz to fire his team, but it was Carson’s own best bud, Armstrong Williams who made the unforced error.

Well, all I can say is I am glad Cruz finally stopped apologizing. There comes a time when forgiveness lets the issue go. Ben has not gotten there, and doesn’t want to.

Pray for righteousness to be restored and for the peace of Jerusalem