Victoria #2611

9 delegates Trump doesn’t have.

Can you imagine what Trump would be like as President? He is not happy unless he is in the middle of trouble so he can hammer on his enemies the rest of their lives as he never quits hurting others when he can.

The would be no peace in this country and this world. If you think we have trouble now, just wait until the King of Trouble takes over with his big mouth, knowing nothing about how government works, suing all newspapers and news channels when they say something less than praising about him, declaring Megan Kelly be fired or he will shut down Fox News, he said today on Fox, they are not fair, on CNN today, he said they are not fair, so he will punch them in the face and shut both of them down, he won’t do a wall as no design is pretty enough for the giant door in the wall. He won’t deport illegals as he needs them to build the huge ballroom he said he would attach to the White House. The only meat served will be Trump Steaks. All men entering the White House must wear Trump men’s clothing line. All ladies must wear his wife’s clothing line. Anyone who enters the White House gets a discount on Trump ties. He will put an addition on the White House, Trump Sleepover Motel, pay before you spend the night. Oh, yes, there is a twice life size cut out of Trump standing by the front door holding a contribution basket to pay him for being so great, just great, really great. The more money you put in, he prefers gold coins, the more rooms you get to see when you go inside.

Every church in the country will have a Trump Bible with a facsimile signature of his mom on the inside, along with Trump’s name and address.

Syria will stop fighting and start drinking Trump Wines. He will also have the Trump Water Franchise across the middle east countries. Unfortunately for Trump, Israel will turn down having a 200 story Trump Tower built on the Temple Mount.

I really can’t stand the idea of this car salesman, freaky, ostentatious, cruel, mentally off, small handed, man as president.