silver pines #2775

ConservativeGranny, I agree….I was so certain that eight years of Obama would have us salivating to put a conservative in office. That seemed to be the case for a while, when FR was wishing and hoping Cruz would run. Then he announced, and for a bit, everything was as it should be.

Then the delusion began.

Every single day, I exist in a perpetual state of amazement that people can’t see through Trump, that they actually take him seriously. It’s beyond astounding to me. No matter what he says or does, it has no effect on his supporters’ devotion. Last summer he admitted he was a Democrat; any other Republican candidate would have been instantly disqualified after such a statement. But no one cared.

I imagine the Trumpsters will blame those of us who refuse to vote for Trump, but it won’t wash. They’ve been told over and over again—don’t nominate that filthy liberal and moral reprobate, but they wouldn’t listen. So it will be on them, and they can savor every moment of it.

I hope they richly enjoy it.