silver pines #2776


Never had a kingdom so near.
US was a Republic dear.
What happened to bring it here?
Likely it was due to fear.

Economy sinking so fast.
Debt rising every newscast.
Radical Islam bringing bomb blast.
Foreign illegals coming in mass.

All gave rise to a rich man possessed.
Promising great, so great, hope chest.
Build a wall, deport illegals, no resisting arrest.
Great trade deals, win after win, no protest.

What is the cost of this rich man?
Rich friends hang together a clan.
King, Princes, Earls, Trump government plan.
US now Trump Kingdom, the ultimate win.
Marci Derrick, 3-15-2016


Victoria, I’m late catching up here….IT’S PERFECT. “Great, so great, hope chest…”
It’s so pathetic and sad. And infuriating.

I believe he might be possessed.