rodamala #2863

…either way, he’s become the Trumpsucking chump he once mocked.

I recall hearing Levin calling out FR, by name, as “our good friends” on his program when he was talking about “new media” and passing it on to BigGirl, Clint-N-Sucks, and RimJob…

When I have in past months seen filthy spew raging against Mark, bordering on anti-semite rhetoric by these Trumpsuckers… and RimJob and his coven of crones allows it, I am left to assume that FR really has just been allowed to go Full Stormfront Retard… and that is 100% on JR.


Like the republic is being squandered, so too goes Jim and John’s site…

I miss being able to participate in non-political discussion… but what can we do?